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Poulsbo Middle School LAT Club Students

Poulsbo Middle School is dedicated to providing a wide array of clubs and organizations to meet its diverse student body's unique interests and passions. Some clubs like the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Club and Magic: The Gathering focus on fostering strategy, creativity, and camaraderie through gameplay. The Maker's Club operates from the Pre-Engineering lab, offering hands-on design and construction experience. The Manga and Anime Group and the Student Library Advisory Team cater to students' cultural and academic interests, while the Panther Knit and Stitch Group promotes creativity through crafting.

Other clubs focus more on fostering inclusive and understanding environments. The Equity Club stands out, emphasizing social justice discussions and awareness. The Homework Club supports academic success through collaborative learning and peer tutoring. All these extracurricular activities are complemented by the student-run Associated Student Body (ASB), which organizes school-wide events, fostering a vibrant and engaging school culture. Each club and team at Poulsbo Middle School enriches student life, both complementing the academic curriculum and nurturing an inclusive, diverse school community.