How to Get Work When Absent

Students and parents should keep in mind that students can usually make-up assignments or tests that are missed due to an excused absence. However, arrangements to complete any work missed must be made promptly when the student returns to school, and/or the student should promptly hand in any work that was completed at home during an excused absence. Work that is not addressed promptly can result in a failing grade for the work missed.


Our teachers put homework on their websites. Please follow these directions to get to the teacher's websites:

  1. Navigate to the staff sites page
  2. Under the Staff tab you will see the various academic departments
  3. Click on the subject you choose, then click on your child's teacher's name
  4. Once on the teachers page you can click on the work you need.

If you need additional help please contact our counseling department at 360-396-3213.