JOIN TODAY 2020-21 PTA Membership

Help us make 100% membership by becoming a PTA member!
 We would love to have one member for every student enrolled at Poulsbo Middle School.  Membership fee is $15 per person, $25 per couple, and $12 per Staff member.

When you join PTA, you join a community that encourages student achievement and enriches the learning environment. We believe in building partnerships between our families and our school. Together we can make a difference! For information about the national PTA see the PTA website.

Volunteer Opportunities Abound!
Volunteer Opportunities Abound! PTA shares volunteer opportunities with the entire school community. The PTA is responsible for finding volunteers for PTA-sponsored activities, ASB-sponsored events, and school/administrative projects. 
 PTA 2020-21 Officers:

President –    Melissa Rogers 

Vice President - Amy Zinkhon  

Secretary – Alex Magallon

Treasurer – Trisha Jamrog

Panther Apparel - Lore Strege

Membership – Jodi Fassett

Staff Appreciation – Camille Cattani

Box Tops - 

No Missing Assignments - GleniseTorres

Book Fair –  Melissa Rogers 

New Student Welcome –