Daily Geography Hints (information)

Daily Geography

Information Sheet


Things to remember when you do your Daily Gegoraphy…


1.  Daily Geography is done on a NEATLY cut HALF sheet of paper.  Use scissors.  Do not tear your paper out of your notebook.


2.  Start with a proper heading.  Name, Date, and Period one third of the paper from the right corner of your paper.  On the first line on the left side, write the assignment – DG – (and a one or two word description of the day’s topic).


3.  Skip a line


4.  Write your answers listed as (skip a line between each of the answers to help the teacher read it more easily):


  1. The Cascade Range
  2. Mt. Rainier (Washington), Mt. Hood (Oregon)
  3. 1.Mt. Baker (Washington)

2.  Mt. St. Helens  (Washington)

3. Mt. Adams  (Washington)

4. Mt. Jefferson  (Oregon)

5. Three  Sisters  (Oregon)




  1. Anytime you name a place, IDENTIFY where it is located – Ex. San Diego, California –or- Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota – or Cumberland Plateau, Kentucky (don’t get too broad – “east of the Atlantic Ocean”)
  2. If you have two or more answers, make a LIST, and -
  3. A list is NUMBERED and VERTICAL in format
  4. Write out names of things and places and DO NOT USE ABBREVIATIONS
  5. A SENTENCE and COMPLETE SENTENCE are the same thing
  6. 6.(SESD) means Start Each Sentence Differently which means to use different words to begin every sentence you write
  7. Use a VARIETY of sentence structures or types when writing sentences

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