April 9 In-Class:  Students were introduced to the second program of our pilot, TCI (Teachers Curriculum Institute).  Students started an activity that reviews the geography and geographical terms of ancient Egypt.
Homework:  Retakes for the Egypt and/or map test are Thursday.  Those who have passed, will take the map challenge of their choice. 
Students can access the website to TCI by going to Mrs. Harvey's main page.  Directions are listed.  

India Geography.pdf
 April 10  In-Class:  Students will finish up the Interactive Notebook to learn about the 8 physical features of India.  Students worked in teams of 3 to read and find the description of each. 
Homework:  Retake tests on Thursday
 April 11  In-Class:  Many students are out today due to a choir trip.  Students met in the computer lab to learn how to log in to the new TCI website.  Students then had time to study for tomorrow's upcoming map test.  
Homework:  Retakes tomorrow
 April 12  In-Class:  Retakes for Egypt and/or map test.  For those who have passed the test, they will take the map challenge test of their choice.
 April 13  End of 3rd Quarter.  Last day to turn in late or missing assignments. 
Students got a final print out of their progress report.  Students learned about the new salamanders that came to our room and had an opportunity to clean out binders.   We played State and Capitals Bingo for the last part of class.  

4th Quarter started April 16th

April 16
Block Schedule-5th Period for 2 hours
In-Class:  Students watched a video on Mohenjodaro and the Indus Valley.  Students reviewed essential needs for starting a civilization.  Students also started a new packet for an interactive activity on Mohenjodaro.  
Homework:  None unless you need to complete the India Geography Packet (see April 9th)
India Mohenjodaro.pdf

April 17  Block Schedule-4th Period for 2 hours
See April 16th.
 April 18  In-Class:  Students continued with their "Unlocking the Secrets of Mohenjodaro" packet with a scavenger hunt of artifacts.
Homework: None
 April 19  Block Schedule-5th Period for 2 hours
In-Class:  Students had time to finish up the Mohenjodaro packet and most had time to start working on their study guide for the upcoming India Test on April 30th.
For the second hour, students were watched an introduction video to Hinduism which can be found in each students assignment section on Discovery Education.  Students started their newest packet called "Learning About World Religions: Hinduism."  They completed the first page and part of the 2nd page in class.  Answers to the questions can be found in on TCI in the Ancient India sections, page 166.

Homework:  Complete the Mohenjodaro packet if not completed in class today.  Watch the video on Hinduism if absent at home.  Upcoming test on India is scheduled for April 30th

India Hinduism.pdf

India Study Guide.docx
 April 20  Block Schedule-4th Period for 2 hours
See notes for April 19th

April 23 Block Schedule-5th Period for 2 hours
In-Class:  Students watched a short 2 minute video on the origin of zero.  (Found on Discovery Education; Ancient India, Chapter 3, Engage page 5-bottom of the page.)
We then finished the India Hinduism packet.  We reviewed 5 of the vocabulary words from the study guide.  Buddhism was introduced in a 10 minute video with a short discussion on the similarities and differences of Hinduism and Buddhism.  
Homework:  Continue studying for test on April 30th Study guide was given last week and a copy can be printed from April 19th post.
 April 24  Block Schedule-4th Period for 2 hours
See notes from April 23rd
 April 25  In-Class:  Students reviewed vocabulary for the test on Monday.  Students also read and answered questions about Buddhism.
Homework:  Finish packet if not completed in class. 

India Buddha.pdf
 April 26 Block Schedule-5th Period for 2 hours
 In-Class:  Students worked on a review packet of the geography of India.  Students worked on a Time-Line poster in teams of 2 to integrate major events in time from Mesopotamia, Egypt and India.
Homework:  Finish geography packet if not completed in class.  Review for test on Monday

India Test Review.pdf
 April 27  Block Schedule-4th Period for 2 hours
See notes from April 26th


April 30  In-Class:  Test on Ancient India
Homework:   None
 May 1  In-Class:  Several students were absent yesterday, so those who didn't get the test completed will have time to take it today.  Students were given a print-out of missing and incomplete assignments.  Students had time to work on the time-line that was started last week and/or work on late/incomplete assignments.
Homework:  None other than get missing assignments turned in. 
 May 2  In-Class:  Tests were given back for students to review.  Students were given time to complete any late or missing work as well as their Time-line.  Students received another progress report that included test scores today.
Homework:  Some students need to study for a retake test of India.See Skyward for Test results. 
 May 3  In-Class:  We will start learning the Geography and Early Settle of China.  
Homework:  None if you completed the Preview and Section 1 of the interactive packet.

China Geography.pdf
 May 4  In-Class:  We read pages 211-218 in our text books.  (This can be found on-line).  Students then answers Section 1 Sections 2-6 in class.  We will only be doing pages 1-2 of the packet.  It is due by Monday.
Homework:  Finish Sections 1-6 if not finished in class. 

May 7  In-Class:  Look up 3 vocabulary words: Anyang, Shang dynasty and clan.
Students then started a chapter on The Shang Dynasty.  (Chapter 20)
Homework:  None unless reviewing for retake test on India on Wednesday

China Shang Dynasty.pdf

 May 8  In-Class:  Look up 3 vocabulary words:  bronze, ancestor worship and oracle bone
 Students continued learning about The Shang Dynasty
Homework:  None unless reviewing for the retake test on India tomorrow
 May 9  In-Class:  Students were given time to retake the India test (if needed) and finish the China Geography and The Shang Dynasty Packet.  Students were given a study guide for the short test on China next week.
Homework:  Both packets are due today.  If not completed, finish for homework.

China Study Guide.docx
 May 10 In-Class:  Students continued working on the Shang dynasty packet and watched a few short video segments from Discovery Education. We went over three of the key questions on the study guide and students self-corrected Section 8 of the green packet on the Shang dynasty.
Homework:  Finish the Shang Dynasty packet if not completed in class.  Test on China is scheduled for next week.
 May 11  In-Class:  Students reviewed 3 new vocabulary words: feudalism, standardize, censor
Students watched a 7 minute video to review what has been learned on the Shang dynasty and the lead in to our new chapter, The First Emperor of China.  Students completed page 1 and page 2 of the new packet. 
Homework:  None other than review for next week's test on China.  Some of the information has not yet been covered, so review what we have covered so far.  The test date has been moved to May 17th. 

China First Emperor.pdf

May 14  In-Class:  Students learned 3 new vocabulary words: Qin Shi Huangngi, Great Wall, immortal.  Students then continued the packet on China's First Emperor, starting on page 3. 
Homework:  Review study guide for upcoming test on Thursday.
 May 15 In-Class:  Students were to look up the definition of The Silk Road in their textbooks and look at the  maps on pages 266 and 273.  We finished reading the chapter on The First Emperor and completed Section 4 and 5 of the packet.  Packets are to be kept until after the test for studying purposes.  Students watched 3 short videos on Discovery Education:  Go to Discovery Education and go to the assigned work.  The three videos will be the last ones I posted with The Great Wall, The First Emperor and The Silk Road.  About 12 minutes of videos. 
Homework:  Review study guide for upcoming test on Thursday.  Finish The Silk Road packet if not completed in class.
 May 16  In-Class:  The Silk Road continued.  
Homework:  Review study guide for upcoming test tomorrow.

China Silk Road.pdf
 May 17 In-Class:  Test on ancient China

Homework:  None
 May 18  In-Class:  Get test results back for Ancient China.   Start geography of Ancient Greece.
Homework:  None

Greece Geography.pdf

May 21 In-Class:  Vocab:  Ionian and Aegean Sea, colony
Students finished pages 2 and 3 of the Greece Geography (blue) packet.  Page 4 was not assigned.
Homework:  None unless you did not get most of the packet done.  I will give 10 minutes tomorrow to finish up.  Study for China retake if you did not pass the test.  Retake is on Thursday. 
 May 22  In-Class:  Students were given some time to finish up the Greece Geography packet in class.  We then started Lesson 26, "The Rise of Democracy."  We did a role playing activity to explain Monarchy.  We completed page 1 of the packet.
Homework:  None unless you need to study for the retake on China.

Greece Democracy.pdf
 May 23  In-Class:  We will continue the role playing for Oligarchy, Tyranny and Democracy.  
Homework:  None unless you need to study for retake on China

 May 24  In-Class:  Students will look up the vocabulary for Lesson 26 and write them in their composition book.  Students will be given time in class to finish "The Rise of Democracy" packet.  Due tomorrow if not finished in class.
Teacher will go over some model answers for the packet for self-correction.
Homework:  None unless you did not finish the packet.
 May 25  In-Class:  Students will start Lesson 27 "Life in Two City-States: Athens and Sparta"
Homework:  None

Greece Athens Sparta.pdf

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