Sept. 6 1st Day of School 
Introduced Compass Rose Project in class and handed out Syllabus with Digital Survey. 
Homework:  Signed Syllabus with Digital Survey
Bring pictures, drawings, images, symbols and the answers to questions regarding your compass rose.  Research the many artistic looks of compass roses in modern times and in history to get ideas to create your own unique compass rose. We will create the project in class, but these extra items thought about ahead of time will enhance your project.

Parent's Homework:  Please send Mrs. Harvey a small blurb about your child by September 11th.  Details are given on the last page of the syllabus that is attached below.  Thank you!

Compass Rose Activity.docx
2017-18 6th Grade SS Syllabus 2.doc
 Sept. 7  Starting Compass Rose Project
 Sept. 8  Continue Compass Rose Project
Directions for using planner in class, daily routine for next week.
Homework:  None, however you are welcome to research compass roses on-line to find one you like.  You are allowed to print one out from your home computer to use for your project.  You are also welcome to gather pictures to add to your project.  Remember, they must be small.  Our poster will be 8 1/2" x 11".  Please return your signed syllabus Monday if you didn't already turn it in.  If you are not sure, check Skyward.


Sept. 11
In Class:  Students had a brief description of the events of 9-11-01 and we held a moment of silence to remember the lives lost that day and commemorate the brave people who stepped in to help.
Students were then given time in class to finish their Compass Rose poster.  It will be graded on effort, neatness, following directions, and sharing.  
Homework:  Finish the Compass Rose project if not completed in class. 
Sept. 12
 In Class:  Students will have their photos taken during social studies class.   When in the classroom, students will start orally sharing their Compass Rose poster.
Homework:  None
 Sept. 13
 In Class:  Pre-Assessment of the continents, oceans, equator, prime meridian. (Students were not to study for it; I want to see what they remember.  Continue sharing the Compass Rose posters orally.
Homework:  None
 Sept. 14  In-Class:  Students played a History Pairs game to review famous people in history.  We continued to share Compass Rose posters.
Homework:  None
 Sept. 15  In-Class:  Finished Compass Rose presentations.  Students self-assessed the quality of work they did on their compass rose with a rubric.  We reviewed the continents and oceans pre-test that was given on Wednesday and were shown how to use my website to practice for the text next Friday.
Homework:  Study for World Map Assessment that will be given next Friday. (9/22)


 Sept. 18  In Class:  Students learned expectations for Bell Work that reviews geography skills.  We discussed letter grades using the rubric they graded themselves with last Friday.  Students started reviewing the World Map for the test coming this Friday.
Homework:  Study for World Map test this Friday
 Sept. 19  In-Class:  Students were given direct instruction using Guided Language Acquisition Design to learn the location of the continents and oceans as well as a mnemonic device for memorizing the 7 continents.  (Eat an apple as a nighttime snack.)  The beginning letter of each word represents a continent.  Students continued working on practice map.  
Homework:  Study for World Map test on Friday
Sept. 20  In-Class:  Students learned a mnemonic device to spell Australia. (Aunt Ursula sang terribly right after licking icy alpacas.)  Students then reviewed the World Map and the four hemispheres.  
Homework:  Study for World Map test on Friday.  Do Bell Work for Wednesday if not completed in class.
 Sept. 21  In-Class:  Students finished a hemisphere activity and learned a mnemonic device to spell Antarctica. (Aunt Nelly took a reluctant cat to iron Cora's armpit.) Students were given blank maps to use as a final practice for tomorrow's test.  Students were also given an optional challenge of learning the 50 states.
Homework:  Study for test on Friday. Bell Work worksheet due tomorrow.
 Sept. 22
 In-Class:  Students were given a World Map test.  A challenge of the 50 states test was given to those who wanted to take it. We finished self-correcting our Bell Work which was collected today in class.  We then went on to start the 5 Themes of Geography.
Homework:  None

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