Nov. 6
 In-Class: Students received their World/State test back and made goals for our next test on Nov. 17th.  Students received a new Bell Work (Salmon) and were assigned 31a, 31b and 32a.  Students finished up notes on Human-Environment Interaction and started notes on Movement.
Homework:  None other than study for map test and finish up missing assignments and redos for end of quarter report card. 
 Nov. 7
 In-Class:  Bell Work 32b, 33a and 33b.  Notes and discussion on Movement; one of our 5 Themes of Geography.
Homework:  None other than study for map test. 
 Nov. 8
 In-Class:  Bell Work 34 a and 34b.  Students took notes on and discussed "Movement" as part of our 5 Themes of Geography.
Homework:  None other than study for map test.
 Nov. 9
Bell Work Series 7 Due Today
Homework:  None other than study for map test and review what we have learned in The 5 Themes of Geography.  Test for 5 Themes of Geography will be given next week, tentatively Nov. 15th.  A study guide was handed out in class today.

5 Themes of geography Notes Page 1.docx

5 themes of geography notes page 2.docx

Five Themes SG Key.doc
 Nov. 10
 No School: Veteran's Day Weekend

5 Themes of Geography Rap:  (Please note it is on YouTube and you should have parent permission to go there.

5 Themes of Geography Review Video:  (YouTube)

You will need to highlight the on-line address and click play or copy and paste it to play in Google.  

Nov. 13
 In-Class:  Test review and games.  Bell Work Series 8; 36a and 36b
Homework:  Fill out study guide.  Review for 5 Themes of Geography Test on Wednesday.

5 Themes Study Cards Page 1.docx

5 Themes Study Cards Page 2.docx
 Nov. 14
 In-Class:  Test review and games.  Bell Work; 37a and 37b
Homework:  Make sure study guide is completed and review for tomorrow's test.  TEST MOVED TO THURSDAY
 Nov. 15
 In-Class:  I felt that students needed another day of review before the test, so the test is pushed back until tomorrow.
Homework:  Study for map test on Friday. 
 Nov. 16
 In-Class:  5 Themes of Geography Test
Homework:  Study for map test tomorrow.
 Nov. 17
 In-Class:  Map Test and make-up test for anyone who was absent Thursday.  Scholastic New topic.
Homework:  Keep studying for the map test.  You will have one more opportunity to take the map test before the grade is entered in the grade book (December 8th). 

 Nov. 20 In-Class:  Students reviewed classroom expectations. Students received their 5 Themes of Geography Tests back (if they were finished) and given time to look at their answers.  Students who would like to retake the test may do so November 20th. Students were then shown our new on-line Techbook by Discovery Education.  Students are welcome to view the Techbook at home.  
Homework:  None other than review for re-take or state test.
 Nov. 21  In-Class:  Students will investigate the definitions of "Fact" and "Theory."  Teams sort sentences to see if they fall in the column of fact or theory and look for key words that help them come to that conclusion. Students are to write a team definition for both words.  
Homework:  None other than review for re-take or state test
 Nov. 22  In-Class:  Students will each have their own computer to explore our Discovery Education Techbook.  Students will work in teams to do a Webquest with our new Techbook program to familiarize themselves with the many tools it has and how to use them.
Homework:  None other than review for re-take or state test.

Discovery Education WebQuest.docx
 Nov. 23  No School.  Happy Thanksgiving!
 Nov. 24  No School:  Thanksgiving Break
5 Themes of geography video with Minecraft. You will have to highlight the address and open to a new window.

Nov. 27 In-Class:  Students were issued a new Bell Work:  Series 9 (yellow).  We revisited the Fact vs. Theory definitions and resorted the sentence strips from last Tuesday.  We had a discussion about the two definitions and why they are important to understand as we get into Pre-History.
Homework:  Review for make-up test or map test
 Nov. 28  In-Class: Students completed 42b, 43a and 43b of their Bell Work.  It is due Thursday due to the short week.   We watched a short video to review the 5 Themes of Geography.  I started to model how to use our new Discovery Education Techbook.  We went to Unit 1:1.  Rise of Humans.  Our Key Question for today was How has archaeology changed over time? We read the Engage portion of the text with the footprints.  We then started reading Explore; page 1.  We did not finish but were looking for information as to how archaeology used to be.  To be continued tomorrow. The video we watched today is listed above Nov. 27th.  Our webpage has some restrictions on how I can add things and where within a page.

Homework:  Review for make-up test or map test (Remember, my webpage has a page about geography that has review information. )
 Nov. 29  In-Class:  Students completed 44a and 44b of their Bell Work.  Question 45 was orally discussed and students are to construct their own sentence to answer the question.  We continued with Unit 1:1, completing the 2nd page under Explore.  Students made a chart of how archaeology has changed over the years.  We watched the videos at the end of page 2 under Explore that shows how archaeologists dig and log artifacts.  
Homework:  Review for retake of 5 Themes of Geography retake or map test for tomorrow.
 Nov. 30
 In-Class:  Retakes for Map Test or 5 Themes of Geography
Bell Work Series 9 Due (yellow)
Homework:  none
 Dec. 1
 No School

Dec. 4 In-Class:  Students were given a new Bell Work-Series 10 (green).  Students spent the majority of the class period in the computer lab doing a webquest on Prehistory Hominins.  See below. 
Homework:  If absent, do webquest below on your own.  Study for retake test on Friday.  A letter grade will be entered for the USA States test after Friday.  I have given students over 2 months notice that they are to learn the US States.  (Spelling never counts against them.)
Prehistory Early Hominins Webquest.docx
 Dec. 5 In-Class:  We corrected #46-47 of Bell Work as a class.  Students then took notes on the Taxonomy of Humans.  Students got tests back for review.  
Homework:  Study for map test on Friday.
 Dec. 6  In-Class:  Students spent time in the computer lab today finishing up the Webquest from Monday.  Most students were done, but just needed a few extra minutes.  Students then worked on a Videoquest.  This was not expected to be finished in class today.
Homework:  Finish Webquest (from Monday) if not finished in class today.  Study for map test on Friday.

Video Quest Unit 1.docx
 Dec. 7  In-Class:  Students will finish taking notes and learning about Hominins and the Paleolithic Age. 
Homework:  Finish Webquest from Monday if not finished.  
December 14th: Open note test on how archaeology has changed in this century, Hominins/Paleolithic Age and the Neolithic Age (covered next Monday/Tuesday).  Study guide will be given on Friday. 

 Dec. 8 In-Class:  Retakes on Map Tests.  Study guide given for test next Thursday.  
Homework:  Start reviewing for the test by going over Hominins and Paleolithic Age notes. (We will cover Neolithic in detail next week.) Open notes.

Study Guide for Upcoming Test December 14.docx

Class Notes Hominins.docx

The Paleolithic Age.docx

Dec. 11  In-Class:  The Neolithic Revolution  Students worked in teams to read 1 page of the Neolithic Revolution on DE and answer the Key Question at the top of the page.  Students will present their findings tomorrow.  Students then continued to work on their Video Quest that was given last week.  (Discovery Education:  Chapter 2:1-Explore pages-Neolithic Revolution)

Homework:  Work on your Study Guide for test on Thursday

Directions for Computer Lab Time.docx
 Dec. 12  In-Class:  The Neolithic Revolution  Students were to present the answer to the key question they learned about yesterday.  Students were to take notes to answer the question on a worksheet.  They can use the worksheet for the test.  Mrs. Harvey clarified answers. Students who were absent will need to read the 6 pages from Discovery Education to answer the questions to put on the worksheet below.  (See Directions for Computer Lab Time above)

Homework:  Work on your Study Guide for test on Thursday

6 Key Question for Neolithic Revolution.docx

 Dec. 13  In-Class:  The Neolithic Revolution/Review.  Finish Video quest if not finished from last week. Video Quest is due today. 

Homework:  Work on your Study Guide for test on Thursday

Computer Lab Directions for December 13.docx

Neolithic Revolution Notes.docx

 Dec. 14  In-Class:  Open note test on archaeology, Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Revolution
Homework:  Review for map test

 Dec. 15  In-Class:  Finish yesterday's test if not completed and/or Map Test.  

Jan. 1   No School!  Happy New Year! 

 Jan. 2  In-Class:  We started a new Bell Work. (blue)  Students were assigned 51a and b, and 52a.  Students got their Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Revolution assessment back for review.  Mrs. Harvey went over some of the key items from the test focusing on the correct way to write a paragraph response.
Homework:  Review for map test or retake coming January 12th.
 Jan. 3  In-Class:  Students were given map tests back and were to set goal for next test on January 12th. Bell Work 52b, and 53 a & b. We started our unit on Mesopotamia watching a short one minute video from Discovery Education, took a few notes and completed a short, 3 question worksheet in class. (Geography and Map Activity)
Homework:  Finish worksheet if not finished in class.  Review for upcoming map test or retake coming January 12th
 Jan. 4  In-Class:  Students worked on Bell Work  54 a & b and we discussed question 55 which they are required to complete on their own.  Students were to self-correct the three question worksheet from yesterday and turn it in.  
We then went to the computer lab to start a Webquest on the first lesson of Mesopotamia.  The goal was to complete a minimum of the 1st page.  
Homework:  Complete the first page of the Webquest if not completed in class.  Study for upcoming retake tests for January 12th.(Changed to 16th due to computer lab usage)

Mesopotamia chapter 3 part 1.docx

 Jan. 5  In-Class:  Students will have the entire class period to finish the Webquest.  Please remember that the webquest contains short videos and the text can be highlighted and read to you.  Students were given a progress report of their current grade. Bell Work was to be turned in. (blue)
Homework:  Finish Webquest if not completed in class.  Study for retake or map test January 16th.  (I had to move the re-testing date forward due to computer lab access.)

Jan. 8  In-Class:  Students started working on Webquest for 3:2.  (See Attached worksheet.) There is no Bell Work this week.  
Homework:  Finish Webquest for 3:1 and 3:2 (pages 1-6) if not finished during class.  Study for retake of map test or Paleolithic/Neolithic retake test; scheduled for Jan. 16th. 

Mesopotamia Chapter 3 part 2.docx   
 Jan. 9  In-Class:  Students reviewed a few of the key questions from the Paleolithic/Neolithic Test.  Students received a print out of their current grade.  We continued some note-taking on Mesopotamia. 

Homework:  Finish Webquets 3:1 and 3:2 (pages 1-6) if not finished.  Study for retake of map test or Paleolithic/Neolithic retake test.  For those who do not need to do a retake; they know what map test they are working on.  (Capitals or another continent.) 
 Jan. 10  In-Class:  Students were orally read the story of Gilgamesh; a Mesopotamian Myth.  Students were then given 4 questions to answer, the last one being a paragraph response.  Students are expected to use the proper method of paragraph writing to answer the last question.
Homework:  Finish the 4 question/paragraph if not completed in class. finish Webquests from 3:1 and 3:2 (page 1-6) if not finished in class.  Study for retake of map test or Paleolithic/Neolithic retake test.  For those who do not need to do a retake; they know what map test they are working on.

The Epic of Gilgamesh.pdf
 Jan. 11  In-Class:  Students reviewed a few key questions from the Paleolithic/Neolithic Test.  Students reviewed the correct way to write a paragraph.  (Introduction sentence, body, closing sentence.) Students self-corrected their Gilgamesh worksheet and heard some quality examples of the paragraph for question #4.  Students self corrected their Webquests for 3:1.  Students understand that questions for the test will mostly come from the Webquests so it is important that they check their work. 
Homework:  Finish the paragraph from the Gilgamesh Epic worksheet.  Continue to study for the Paleolithic/Neolithic retake test and/or map test.  Retakes/Map Tests on Jan. 16th.
 Jan. 12  In-Class:  Students will have the entire period in the computer lab to complete their Webquest for 3:2; including the Mesopotamian Empires grid.  (see below.
Homework:  Finish any Webquests not completed and/or the paragraph from Wednesday.  Study for upcoming map test and/or Paleolithic/Neolithic retake. Jan. 16th. 


Jan. 15   No School:  MLK Day

 Jan. 16 In-Class:  Retakes for Paleolithic/Neolithic Test and/or Map Test   NO BELL WORK WORKSHEET THIS WEEK.
Homework:  None unless you have any missing assignments to make up.  The test on Mesopotamia is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 25th.  Make sure you have your Webquests completed and corrected since they will be part of your notes for the upcoming test. 
 Jan. 17  In-Class:  Students self-corrected Webquest 3:2 (Pink) as we discuss the answers with the class.  Answers are modeled on the projector.  Students got a copy of their study guide for the upcoming test on Mesopotamia.  Students received a paper copy of their progress report.  
Homework:  Start reviewing the vocabulary on your study guide. Test for Mesopotamia will be Jan. 25th.  THERE WILL BE NO RETAKES SINCE THE TEST IS AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER.  Open notes. 

Mesopotamia Study Guide.docx
 Jan. 18  In-Class:  Students reviewed 3 vocabulary words for Bell Work:  Zuggurat, Polytheism, Monotheism.  Students then watched two short videos and we read page 1 of the Engage Section from Mesopotamia 3:3.  Students then worked in teams to fill out the Main Idea Form with the focus being, Sumerian Writing in the main circle. This was completed in class and turned in after self-correcting.  After that was completed, we watched a short 40 second video on the calendar; page 4 of the same chapter.  Students answered the key question:  How did the creation of the calendar improve agriculture/farming?  
Homework:  Work on Mesopotamia study guide to review for upcoming test.  Study for map test if needed.

Mesopotamia Writing Web.pdf

 Jan. 19  In-Class:  Students reviewed the story of Gilgamesh and what we learn about the Mesopotamian society through the story.  All students got another copy of their progress report.  Students with missing assignments or who wanted to study for the test were given time to work on that.  Those that were all caught up were given a challenge activity of writing in Cuneiform.  
Homework:  Finish any missing assignments and review the study guide for our test on Thursday. Map review if necessary.

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