Braun's Weather & Climate Notebook

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Safety Contract
pages 8-10.pdf
page 11 Claim, Evidence, Reasoning
pages 12a_12d Investigating Rates of Heating and Cooling of Soil and Water
Page 13a-13b Super Science Geek Speak
Page 14 Everything We Learned From Our Experiments
Page 15 Reasons for Seasons
Page 16 Local Connections to Student Research
Page 17 Soil and Water, Heating and Cooling Quiz
Page 18 Layers of the Atmosphere
Page 19 Does Air Have Mass?
Page 20 How Does Angle of Light Affect Area and Intensity of Light?
Page 21 Uneven Heating on Earth Mind Map
Page 22 Uneven Heating on Earth Mind Map Quiz
Pages 23a-b Heat Transfer and the Movement of Air
Page 23c Heat Transfer and the Movement of Air
Page 23d 4.1 Reflection Questions
Page 25 How the Temperature of a Surface Affects the Movement of Air Above It.
Page 26 Air Masses
Page 27 What Makes the Wind Blow?
Page 33 Amazing Cloud in a Bottle Map
Blank Cloud Formation Map
Quiz Corrections
EMM Lesson 5 and Study Guide
Energy Machines and Motion Lesson 6 and Study Guide
EMM 7 The Force Exerted By A Motor
EMM 8 Work and the Motor
EMM 8 Student Worksheets
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