Safety Video

Safety Video
Posted on 09/12/2018
Today's Safety Challenge Assignment:
1. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half "hotdog style" along the long axis of the paper and draw a line down the middle of the fold and label the left-hand side "Unsafe" and the right side, "Safe".
2. Refold the paper so the "Unsafe" side of the paper is showing and identify as many "Unsafe" behaviors as possible on the "Unsafe" side while watching the
3. When the video is over, you should compare your list with your partner's and make any adjustments you want.
4. Unfold the paper so the "Safe" side is also visible.
5. On the "Safe" side of the paper, identify all the correct safety procedures for the "Unsafe" behaviors. If, for example, you noticed that one of the characters in the video wore her safety goggles on her forehead as an "Unsafe" behavior, you would write, "Wear safety goggles over eyes," in the "Safe" column next to the unsafe behavior that you are trying to fix.
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