Modeling A Vortex

Modeling A Vortex
09/24/2014 09/26/2014
Modeling a Vortex
Learning Target: I can model and describe the movement of air in a tornado or hurricane.
Use the Tornado Tubes of Science to model the movement of air in a tornado or hurricane. If you are at home, you can watch the following segment by Steve Spangler:
Answer the following questions:

Reflection Questions - Inquiry 2.1 Modeling a Vortex


A.   What happened when you first held the model so that the water was in the top bottle/ Why do you think this happened?  Draw a picture of your results.


B.   How did you get the water to flow quickly into the bottom bottle?


C.   How did the motion of the glitter and beads change as they moved closer to the center of the spiral?


D.   Think about your model as a tornado. What might the glitter and beads represent? What does their movement tall you about the movement tell you about the movement of air within a rotating storm?


E.    Think about your model as a hurricane. What do you think causes the clouds of a hurricane to spiral?

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