Girls Basketball
Congratulations to the following players for making the 2018 roster: 

Allen Mary
Baugh Sophia
Bird Lopez Sasha
Cooper Callaway
Funston Genesi
Gustas Riley
Ilarraza Jadakiss
Ingalsbe Ashley
Jagodzinske Fia
Komar Megan
Lara Stephanie
McMillian kamora
Palmer Alivia
Parker Hailey
Peterson Natalie
Phillips Mackenzie
Randle Tiesha
Reed Maliyah
Selembo Ayanna
Snider Shelby
Stevens Mackenzie
Sunnenberg Jade
Wetzsteon Anna
Zetty Tyra

I would like to thank all the girls that tried out for the team. If you did not make the roster, please continue to play the game through the parks and recreation program.