Boys' Basketball
 If you did not make the list and want to continue to improve your skills, please look into Parks and Recreation for Fall and Winter league sign ups.  Also, the Drive program ( has skill development clinics and team try-outs.  

This is the final roster. There will be a short parent meeting at 4:30 on Monday, October 31st. 

Anderson, Ryan
Bower, Colton
Brockett, Dalton
Burchill, Carl
Butler, William
Davis, Jastin
Erickson, Sam
Fortenbacher, Luke
Hager, Gray
LaTour, Jonas
Olmsted, Jonathan
Ortiz, Aren
Perkins, Tanner
Pugh, Ryan
Ryan, Jack
Salazar-Degero, Riley
Setterlund, Maguire
Shipp, Blake
Simonson, Casey
Smalley, Tyler
Smith, Jacob
Storm, Kadan
Swift, Caden
Taylor, Micah