Holt McDougal On line Text book

Students in both Math 7 and Accelerated Math 7 will both have access to the Holt McDougal On-line Textbook. This on-line version has power points with examples of skills and concepts, extra practice, and self-assessments, in addition to the full version of the textbook.

The website address is my.hrw.com and can be accessed by following the log in instructions.

A student's username is the letters nk.student id number.
A student's password is CAPITAL Initial of First Name, CAPITAL Initial of Last Name, and student id number.

Example:         Student Name:    Iron Man      Student ID: 3459834

                      Username:   nk.3459834
                      Password:    IM3459834

A limited number of textbooks are available in the library for check out for the entire year if you desire a hard copy of the textbook. This is a good idea for people who may have limited or no internet available or just want the hard copy available to look at. The book can be left at home as I have enough to use in the classroom when we do need them. Some of the handouts used are copies from the book, but notes and other handouts are used to supplement the curriculum as well.

If you have any questions or can't log on to the website please notify me so we can determine what the problem is.