Accelerated Math Syllabus 7

ACC Math 7                              Mr. Whalen
email:                            phone: (360) 396 – 3236

WEBSITE: Select: Poulsbo Middle School/Staff Sites/Whalen 

Welcome to Pre-Algebra and a
mathematical journey with Mr. Whalen!


I am excited to be your teacher this year, see you expand your knowledge of mathematics, and strive for MASTERY OF THE CONCEPTS for 8th grade math.


Ø  We will be using the On-Line Holt McDougal Mathematics Grade 8 Common Core Edition Textbook as a resource.

o   Access it by (students will get username and password in first few weeks) For most, the username is nk.student id, and password is capitalized first initial of first name and capitalized first initial of last name and then student id.

Ø  Numerous supplementary materials from related content located on the Internet

Ø  Teacher created materials to support the Standards for Mathematical Practices as outlined by the Common Core State Standards. (CCSS)

Specific materials: 

§  1 five subject notebook or 2 single subject notebooks

§   a binder to hold completed work and handouts

§   school planner

§   Pencils  --- used to complete homework and assessments

§   pen to correct homework

§  highlighter for notes and correcting

§  calculator for home/school use. (Texas Instrument – TXI30 or any scientific calculator)


The class will focus on five fundamental strands:  The Number System, Expressions and Equations, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Specific concepts include, but not limited to the following:

·         Multi-step equations               *  Exponents/Scientific Notation

·         Pythagorean Theorem              *  Similarity/Congruence

·         Linear Equations                     *  Volume and Surface Area of 3-Dimensional Figures.

·         Slope and distance formula     *  Angle Relationships/Scatter plots

C  L  A  S  S       E  X  P  E  C  T  A  T   I  O  N   S

·         Make good CHOICES  --- CARE about yourself and others   -- Give your best EFFORT

·         Be HONEST ---- Show RESPECT for Self and Others   ------    Be RESPONSBILE for Actions

Absent Work:  The student is responsible for completing missed assignments and assessments when absent. If absent on the day of an assessment the student will take it upon return. If the absence exceeded two days, the student will have extra time to prepare for the test. 

A T T I T U D E        +     E  F  F  O  R  T    =   A C H I E V E M E N T

Grading Policy         Tests/Quizzes/Projects   --   80%      Classwork/practice  --   20%    


94-100 A

90-93 A-

87-89 B+

84-86 B

80-83 B-

77-79 C+

74-76 C

70-73 C-

67-69 D+

60-66 D

< 60 F


Practice Expectations: Homework will be assigned most nights and should be considered practice to reinforce the concepts and skills learned in class. Students should complete practice work in pencil and grade with a pen or highlighter. Practice work will be graded as 1 for completing all of assignment and 0 if assignment is unfinished or incomplete.  During bell work I will walk around to check work and update on a clipboard. 

Students should keep all completed work in binder until end of nine weeks for reference and accountability.

Late work WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED 5 school days from the time that the assignment was due and will only earn a score of 2 at the most.

Assessment Grading                      Unit Tests or Unit Quizzes

If a poor grade is earned on a test or a quiz, students may edit the assessment and earn up to one half of the points back to improve understanding of missed content. Students that miss two or more items on an assessment may take advantage of this evaluation process. SEE the POLICY on EDIT IT ‘til You Get It for instructions on how to do this. (separate attachment)

Practice Quizzes will not be allowed to be edited as students will be solving similar problems related to previous nights homework/practice. If students keep up with daily work, then this is a quick check for understanding. 

Notebook: A notebook will be utilized in the class to take notes and complete examples, learn math vocabulary, and maintain handouts from teacher. This notebook will serve as a comprehensive learning tool for students to become a MASTER of the Math Content.

Skyward:  Skyward will be updated regularly with MONDAYS being the best time to check current status as I usually input most of the grades for the week on the weekend. STUDENTS are responsible for knowing their grade and tracking any missed assignments.

MATH HELP --- I am available most days after school. Let me know you need help and stop by after school or make an appointment for a certain day each week.  Please let me know in advance and I will make time to answer your questions and get you some help. ADVISORY will be a great time to get some extra help as well. ASK QUESTIONS in class to reinforce and become confident in your math abilities.

Documents to keep in your math binder: 

Syllabus                                   Edit ‘til you get it policy     Math Handouts

Tests, Quizzes, and completed assignments for tracking purposes, reflection, and studying