1st Quarter News; Fall conferences

Gr. 6 October Math Update from Ms. Slack

** Hard copies of this letter sent home with students 10/24/16 **

CONFERENCES:  With Student Led Conferences happening this week, please note my schedule:

As a part-time teacher, on conference days, I am available Wednesday, Oct. 26 from 3:30-6:00 and on Thursday, Oct. 27 from 12:00-3:00 and 4:00- 6:15 (I have a scheduled conference 6:15-7:00).  If you would like to meet and those times do not work, please contact me (360.396.3256; tslack@nkschools.org) to schedule another time.

SKYWARD:  If you have not yet been checking your child’s progress on Skyward, this is a great time to do so (if you need help with password/logging on contact Dawn Navarette in counseling office, 396-3213).  If you see missing assignments or low quiz grades, please encourage students to use Advisory time to get help or to schedule extra help time afterschool or during lunch. Your child’s core math class with Ms. Duncan or Ms. Hamm does have homework every night; for most of my Math Lab students, completing homework daily demands some organizational support. Please encourage your child to do their homework daily, or if that’s not possible, to catch up over each weekend to start the week caught up.

STAR MATH:  Students in Math Lab will take the STAR math online assessment every 6-8 weeks as one way to monitor progress.  My students took this test for the second time last week and we saw great growth for many students. Your child has received a printed report to share with you, but in case that didn’t make its way home, another copy will also be included in the SLC folders. Many students have fantastic improvements to celebrate, so please ask them about their scores.

ONLINE RESOURCE:  All my students have access to Holt Mathematics’ online textbook via this website:  www.my.hrw.com.  This resource contains video examples for every lesson, as well as textbook pages for reading/review. For example, if an assignment has “5.2” noted, that is chapter 5, lesson 2; go to chapter 5, student resources, videos and activities then select lesson 2, or go to text pages to see written text examples. This is a great resource for you to brush up on your math, and for your students to get reinforcement on current topics.  With a few exceptions, students can logon using student # (ex. 0901234) and password that starts with student’s capitalized initials followed by student # (ex. TS0901234).

CURRENT TOPIC UNDER STUDY:  In both Core math and in my math lab, 6th grade students are currently reviewing fraction operations.  In math lab, we have used fraction pieces to develop a conceptual understanding of the computation steps.  Additionally, we have a mental math classroom routine called “Number Talks” with which we start most days; with this routine, I have seen improvements in math computation, students’ ability to explain their strategy in a clear, logical way, and more flexibility of thinking.  Ask your child to present you with a problem like 315+97 and see what kinds of strategies you use to solve the problem mentally. 

Yours in Math,

Ms. Slack