6th Grade Math Syllabus                                     Teacher: Jody Hamm

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Description: In 6th grade students will be solidifying some concepts and using those to build a foundation for higher level math. 6th grade math is hard…it will take time to practice the new learning at home. Please note that students will be using a hybrid NON-TEXTBOOK curriculum. This means that parents and students should utilize the notes that are available on-line for clarification on understanding, studying and homework completion. Every student will build their own comprehensive textbook of their work. This is expected to look like every other student’s book in the class.

The following are the basis/skeleton from which each quarter’s lessons will be derived. Some content is more in-depth than others, and might spill over the “cut-off”.

  • Rational Numbers—fractions, decimals
  • Expressions and Equations—math without and with equal signs
  • Ratios and Proportions—including rates and percents
  • Geometry and Statistics—volume, area; mean, median, mode


Classroom Expectations 

In 6th grade math students will:

  • Make Good Choices
  • Give Best Effort
  • Solve Problems
  • Show Respect


Binder/Spiral Notebook:  Students will be encouraged to have a section in their binder for all math papers (ie. syllabus, assessments, calendars, and returned work) that they collect. ALL NOTES WILL BE TAKEN IN A SPIRAL NOTEBOOK.

Students will not have a hard copy of the textbook – we will be creating a comprehensive math notebook which will include classroom notes and examples for student use in lieu of a textbook. It is expected that ALL students will use the notebook for development of math understanding, completion of class work, homework and as a study tool.


Homework Expectations:     

  • do homework EVERY night it is assigned
  • show ALL of your work, box your answers
  • correct homework in different ink
  • incomplete homework is the students’ responsibility to make up within 2 days
    • get a hard copy from the bin in the back of the classroom   OR
    • print a copy from my website (formatting is sometimes an issue)
    • use correcting binder at appropriate time to score
    • turn in to the appropriate bin with reason it is late and a clear score
  • bellwork/calendars are the entry task of each day, this is to be signed each weekend and turned in on Monday.


Absent Work  

The student is responsible for completing missed assignments and assessments when absent.  Please make arrangements immediately if an assessment is missed.


Ms. Hamm’s Website  

There is lots of information on my website including updated weekly calendars, class notes, helpful powerpoints or videos regarding math and homework assignments. If you are absent, you should refer to website to find what you missed. 

NK Math Grading Scale—6th grade

Grades are ongoing, set only at semester. Scores come from assessments and assignments based on the following percentages:



(quizzes, tests, tasks, projects)



(bell work, class work, homework)


Grading Scale in Percent

94-100% A

90-93% A-

87-89% B+

84-86% B

80-83% B-

77-79% C+

74-76% C

70-73% C-

67-69% D+

60-66% D

< 60% F




Grades are updated regularly.  It is important to check student/parent access on Skyward frequently.  If you have a question about a grade, please email me directly or send a note with your child.


Editing (Edit ‘til you Get it)

Students may edit tests within ONE WEEK of the tests return. A score of less than 65% is required to edit. Students may edit any test below 80% in order to demonstrate mastery of the standards

Math Help:

Please know the teacher is available for help before or after school by appointment. Homework club meets in the library on Tuesday and Thursday after school.



**Please feel free to send me a note or email me any information you feel will assist me in helping your child have a successful and happy 6th grade year. 




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