Geometry (5th period)

Welcome to Geometry.  I am excited to be your teacher and looking forward to a terrific school year.  :)

Textbook & Online Website

Our textbook is available online at (no www); along with many cool support tools such as homework help, additional examples and video clips.

NOTE:  The Holt website is acting up today.  I am working to make sure that students have online access as soon as possible.

Username: nk.7-digit Student ID number

Password: Student initials (capitalized) followed by 7-digit Student ID number

Username: nk.9876543
Password: CF9876543

Please let me know if you cannot access the website, online textbook, or other resources.

Students will be able to check out a Geometry textbook directly from me.
Every student got a book on the first Monday of the school year.

Due to a restriction on the number of available copies, students will need to have their book in class each day.

Internet access is primarily for using additional resources from Holt or as a substitute for bringing the book between school and home.