Grading Policy


  • 50% homework/daily work (Attendance)
    • A portion of the daily work is oral participation. Frequent absences can have a negative effect on grade outcomes if students are not in class for daily lessons.
    • Students are also expected to keep a daily planner entry
  • 50% assessments (Attendance)
    • Our assessments build on what was practiced in class, not set skills to memorize. Absences can have a negative effect on test outcomes if students are not in class for daily lessons.

Skyward Grade Entries: The district allows up to two weeks for teachers to enter graded work.  I do not plan on waiting that long to enter grades, however, if your student does not have a grade entered immediately, especially if it was a late assignment, please wait a few days before contacting me.  (See Late Work below)

Revised Homework Policy for 4th Quarter-Mrs. Harvey’s Class

My original homework policy was to not accept late work after 3 days, unless absent.  However, I have had many students who were failing if I did not accept late work past that time frame.  I had many students take advantage of this, turning in work well past three to four weeks past the original due date.  Although assignment scores were drastically reduced, I feel that I am enabling students to get lax on turning assignments in on-time and I’m not properly preparing them for high school. 

To meet somewhere in the middle from my original policy and those that struggle with getting work completed, I have revised my homework policy.

Things that have not changed:

  • Students who turn in their homework on time and with evident effort, will receive full credit.(Even if I mark answers incorrect.)My philosophy is homework is practice and students should not be penalized if they didn’t understand it the first time around.
    • Additional note:I do know if you have slapped a paper together quickly and did not fulfill the requirement.I will not give full credit for this type of work.
  • I dock 10% for each day an assignment is late.
  • Students who have an excused absence will receive two additional days to complete the assignment.
  • If you are absent, you need to log-in to my website to see what the assignment was that you missed AND go to the “Absent Box” to get any missing assignments when your return to class.There are computers in the back of the classroom that you can check if you cannot access this information at home.I’m also sure that your advisory teacher and the library has computers for you to utilize this tool as well.

Things that have changed:

  • I will NOT accept late homework past 10 days of the due date unless you had an excused absence.Each day it is late will be docked 10%. Extra days given will depend on how many days you were absent.

  • If a student is absent for an assessment, I can send him/her to the Panther Den the day they return but s/he miss another day of class.They can schedule a time to do it after school.I will only give one day in the Panther Den for assessments if absent.

Late Work:  (original policy)

  • Accepted up to 3 days after due date for partial credit
  • Later than 3 days? Accepted for no credit but no longer marked missing
  • Students who have an EXCUSED absence have 2 days to turn in a missed assignment before it is considered late.
  • Late work will be corrected when it can be fit into my schedule.  Please note that I have daily homework and bookkeeping to do, so when a students falls behind in turning in assignments, it causes extra work on my behalf.


  • Students who have an EXCUSED absence have 2 days to turn in a missed assignment before it is considered late.
  • It is a student's responsibility to inquire about assignments that were missed during an absence.

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