Daily Assignments and Homework

Assignments will often times be posted after each lesson, at the end of the school day.  Although I have lesson plans done each week, we are going through our new curriculum and finding their pacing calendar may not always coincide with what can get done during a class period.  Students who are absent need to check this page each day to see what was covered in class and contact the teacher for any worksheets upon their return.  Students with excused absences have 2 days to get assignments completed.  This also includes students who are out due to family vacations with prior approval. It is difficult to get work together before a long trip since much of our lessons are in-class learning and homework builds on what was done in class.

April 10
 SBA practice testing in the computer lab.  
April 11
 Bell Work:  In your comp. book, write what you did over the break in 3 to 5 sentences.  Students did a buddy share to read others responses and write written responses.
In-Class:  Students received their final assessments back.  The teacher went over exemplary examples to share with students.  Students are invited to rewrite any portion of the test by 4/17.  The teacher will start the introduction of the Argumentative essay.  Students were to complete a pre-writing activity before the break that will help them take their stand in their Argumentative Essay.  Due to lack of computer availability do to SBA practice and testing, this essay can be either hand written, or typed at home for their final copy; however, students will be expected to write their first draft by hand. 
Homework:  Complete pre-write activity if not already completed.  Composition books are due for evaluation on Thursday, April 13th.  Those who do their notes and questions in class as asked have nothing to prepare for.  Extra Credit Valentine's Day coupons can be turned in this week for 10 points of extra credit; if you did not use it for a missing bell work assignment.
 April 12  Bell Work:  Review Pro/Con worksheet with table team. "A Difficult Decision"  This was completed before break.
In-Class:  Students watched a video on writing an introduction paragraph for their argumentative essay.  Please watch the video below if you were absent:  Login in as a teacher so you can get to the "Additional Materials" where the worksheet is located.  sharvey@nkschools.org and the password is 8thgradeela.  You can also print the worksheet that goes with the video.  We did steps 1-3.  About 8 1/2 minutes of the video.  Students were given another example to review (which you will have to get in class) then started writing their own introduction paragraph.  The question is on the yellow worksheet that you wrote pros and cons about.  You need 3 good sentences that give background information, a solid claim if you would have allowed Carlotta to attend if you were her parent, and then list two to three good reasons to support your claim.
Homework:  Complete rough draft of introduction paragraph.

April 13
Bell Work:  Using a colored pen (red preferred), reread your introduction paragraph and make any additions or corrections.
In-Class:  Students will get with a buddy to buddy-edit their introduction paragraphs making sure that you have background information, a solid claim, and reasons to support your claim.
Today, we will watch the video below about making an outline for your body. Students will first do the practice worksheet that accompanies the video.  If absent, you can log in to the website (as a teacher):  sharvey@nkschools.org  Password:  8thgradeela  Students can download the worksheet we used in class from the website under "Additional Materials."  Students will be given time in class to fill out the outline and start looking for text evidence. (This is a step further than the video.) This worksheet is attached below.
Homework:  Finish filling out outline.

Student Outline for Argumentative Essay.docx
 April 14
 Bell Work:  Students are to share their outline with table team members. Discuss what your evidence was and cited evidence.
In-Class:  Students will watch the next video about  identifying relevant evidence.  Students will fill in the video worksheet as we view it.  See directions above for logging in to the website and getting the "Additional Materials."   Students will be given time to review their outline and make sure that the sources they have are relevant to their reasons.  (Please note that I am filling this out prior to the lesson.  Please check back Friday afternoon to see if the lesson had to change.)
Homework:  None if students use their time wisely and make sure they have relevant claims.  If absent, please watch the video and fill out the worksheet that accompanies it.  Band/Choir students were given this worksheet on Thursday. 
Due Monday:  3 LearnZillion Worksheets (white), Outline (pink) and your Introduction Paragraph with evidence of self-editing.


Wednesday's video

Thursday's video:  For some reason, the link is not clickable.  You will need to highlight the website, right click and "open website."  Sorry
Friday's video

https://learnzillion.com/lesson_plans/8667-order-reasons-and-counterargument-to-best-prove-claim        Monday: April 17th Video 

https://learnzillion.com/lesson_plans/7601  Tuesday: April 18

April 17  Bell Work:  Get the 5 papers together that are due today.
In-Class:  We learned about writing and placing a counter argument and a rebuttal in an Argumentative Essay.  We watched the video above and did the worksheets that accompany the video.  Login under teacher:  sharvey@nkschools.org  Password: 8thgradeela
Students were given time to write the three body paragraphs of their essay.  They were not to worry about cited evidence at this time.  Students were given their 3rd quarter grades and filled out a 3rd quarter feed back form.  There is also a new homework policy form that was passed back and is due for signing by parents.  Worth 5 points.
Homework:  Finish 3 rough draft paragraphs for the body of your argumentative essay. Don't worry about cited evidence at this time. (due tomorrow) 1 paragraph is your counter argument.  Revised Homework Policy Form due on Friday.

Revised Homework Policy for 4th Quarter.docx

 April 18  Bell Work:  In your composition book, write the "parts of an essay."
In-Class:  We reviewed the parts of an essay and specifically an Argumentative Essay; students took notes.  Students then watched the video above about writing a conclusion.  Students were given class time to write their body and conclusion. 
Homework:  Rough Draft of Argumentative Essay is due Thursday, April 20th
 April 19
 Bell Work:  Self edit your rough draft with a red pen.
In-Class:  Students were given a rubric to assess a sample Argumentative Essay after going over the requirements of the rubric.  The students will use the same rubric to assess their own writing before turning it in.  I cannot attach the rubric, but copies were given in class.  (Green papers)  Students were then given 20 minutes to work on their rough drafts.
Homework:  Finish rough draft; all 5 paragraphs
 April 20
 Bell Work:  Do another self-edit to your rough draft.
In-Class:  Students will trade their rough draft with a partner and edit another student's writing with a check-list of questions.  Then gives students an opportunity to review another person's style of writing and review the requirements for their own paper.  Students will then be able to use the peer editing form to improve their own writing. Students were given a check list of required papers that are to be turned in with final draft. Students were also given copies of example narratives and informational essays to review for upcoming assessment. These were read and discussed.
Homework:  Final draft is due April 28th; either typed or hand written neatly.  Revised Homework Policy form due tomorrow. (See Monday)

Peer Editing form Argumentative Essay.docx
Argumentative Essay Checklist.docx
 April 21
 Bell Work:  This time will be given for additional peer editing as needed.
In-Class:  Students will review the format and vocabulary for the upcoming SBA test.  Students are reminded to bring their own headphones and a healthy (non-messy) snack.  If a student is absent, s/he should go on-line and take the 8th Grade ELA Performance Task practice test.  This will help familiarize the student with how the essay portion of the test will be given and upcoming requirements.
Homework:  Final draft of Argumentative Essay is due April 28th.


SBA practice test website above (highlight website and copy.  Paste into address line, or Google SBA Practice Test.)

April 24
SBA English Language Arts Assessment.  Report to E1
Bring headphones and a healthy (non-messy) snack.
Homework: (Reminder) Final draft for Argumentative Essay due Friday, April 28th.
April 25
 SBA English Language Arts Assessment.  Report to E1
April 26
 SBA English Language Arts Assessment. Report to E1
April 27
SBA English Language Arts Assessment.  Report to E1
Bring a book or other work in the event you finish early.
Homework:  (Reminder) Final draft of Argumentative Essay due tomorrow.
 April 28
 SBA English Language Arts Assessment.  Report to E1
Bring a book or other work in the event you finish early.

May 1 Bell Work:  Answer True/False survey 
In-Class:  We had our introduction to The Giver, our new novel.  Students answered questions in their composition book.  The teacher read the first four pages aloud to lead into group discussion.  We discussed some of the survey questions.
Homework:  None if questions were answered in the composition book 
Composition book Qs for May 1.docx
May 2
Bell Work: 
In-Class:  Mrs. Harvey will finish reading Chapter 1.  Students will be given Literature Circle groups and protocols.  Students will discuss Chapter 1 in a Literature Circle to practice the protocols. 
Report to P6 tomorrow to finish SBA or for a Study Hall
Homework:  Read Chapter 2 and 3 (Due Thursday)
May 3
Report to P6 to finish SBA testing or for a study hall.
Homework:  Reminder that Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 are due tomorrow
May 4 Bell Work:  In your composition book, answer this question.  There are two instances of rule breaking in chapters 2 and 3.  Consider each one.  Do you feel that the punishment was justified?  Explain your reasoning.
In-Class:  Students were put into Literature Circle Teams and discussed questions from Chapters 2 and 3.  Students were then to fill in their gist statements on their reading log and the majority of students had time to start reading Chapter 4.
Homework:  Quiz tomorrow on Chapters 1-3.  Read Chapter 4.  Reading Log will be collected for Chapters 1-3.
Absent Students:  You will need to read the questions for Chapters 2 and 3.  Choose 2 questions from Chapter 2 and 1 question from Chapter 3 to answer in your composition book.

Literature Circle Discussion Questions Chapters 1-3 (002).docx

May 5
Bell Work:  In your composition book, answer these questions.  In what areas of life do the members of the community have free choice? In what areas are their lives regulated.
In Class:  Quiz for Chapters 1-3.  Students will meet in Literature Circles to discuss Chapter 4. Students will have time to read Chapter 5 in class.
Homework:  None, unless you didn't finish reading Chapter 5 in class.  If you did not read read chapters 1-5, get them done this weekend.
Absent Students:  You will need to answer questions 1, 2 and 5 from the Chapter 4 questions in your composition book.  You will also need to read Chapter 5.

Chapt. 4.docx

May 8 Bell Work:  True/False Worksheet for Chapters 4 & 5
In-Class:  Literature Circle discussion for Chapter 5.  Students were given time to write their gist of Chapter 5 and read Chapter 6
Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 6 if not done in class.  Quiz tomorrow on Chapters 1-5
 May 9  Bell Work:  In your Composition Book, explain what signs of independence you have in your life.
In-Class:  Quiz for Chapters 1-5.  Literature Circle discussion for Chapters 1-5.  Students wrote their own question for Chapter 6.  Students were placed in a new Literature Circle to discuss Chapter 6.  There was about 10 minutes of class dedicated to reading Chapter 7.
Homework:  None if you read Chapter 7 in class. 
If Absent:  Read Chapter 7 on your own.  Write your gist statement for Chapter 6.  In your composition book, answer two questions from the Chapter Review 1-5 questions (your choice) and answer three questions from the Chapter 6 questions. (your choice)
Chapter Review 1-5 and Chapter 6 Qs.docx
 May 10  Bell Work:  In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, write a letter to a teacher of your choice  who impacted your life (But Not Mrs. Harvey) following correct letter format.  Must be at least 8 sentences long.  Worth 10 points.
In-Class:  Students were given time to finish their letter.  Literature Circles discussed Chapter 7.  Time was given to start reading Chapter 8.
Homework:  Complete the reading for Chapter 8.  Finish teacher letter.
If Absent:  Do the above homework and answer the 6 questions on lined notebook paper for Chapter 7.
Chapter 7.docx
May 11  Bell Work:  In your composition book, write a question for Chapter 8 that you can ask your Literature Circle Team.  Think higher level questioning.
In-Class:  Review of vocabulary from yesterday.  Teams discussed Chapter 8  in Literature Circle Teams and discussed their own questions and had time to write the gist.  Time was given to read Chapter 9.
Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 9 if not completed in class.  Quiz on Chapters 6-8 tomorrow.  Reading Log for Chapters 4-8 will be checked tomorrow.
If Absent:  Answer the Literature Circle Question on lined notebook paper.
Chapter 8.docx
 May 12  Bell Work:  Go back and review the true/false survey that I gave you at the beginning of the unit.  Have any of your opinions changed?  Write a sentence or two explaining if your opinions changed or not.  Explain why they changed or not.
In-Class:  Students were given a quiz on Chapters 6-8 and had 10-15 minutes to start reading Chapter 10. (@ 7 pages)  They then working in Literature Circles to discuss Chapter 9.
Homework:  Read Chapter 10 if it did not get read in class.
 If Absent:  Read Chapter 10.  Answer questions 1-5 from Chapter 9 on lined notebook paper and turn in to Mrs. Harvey.
Chapter 9.docx

May 15
 Bell Work:  In your composition book, start a list of pros and cons on Jonas' dystopia.
In-Class:  We reviewed the vocabulary from last week and the main problem of the story so far.  Students were placed in new Literature Circle Teams and discussed Chapter 10.  Students started reading Chapter 11.
Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 11.
If Absent:  Read Chapter 11.  Answer 4 questions of our choice from the Chapter 10 questions.  Use lined notebook paper.
Giver Chapter 10.docx

 May 16
 Bell Work:  See if there are any more pros and cons to add to yesterday's T chart.
In-Class:  Review of vocab and focus question from yesterday.  Students met in Literature Circles to discuss Chapter 11.  Students had time to start reading Chapter 12.
Homework:  Read Chapter 12 if not finished in class.  Quiz on Friday; short answer.  You may use your Reading Log and one sheet of notebook paper to take notes on for the test.  (Cannot be open book.)
If Absent:  Read Chapter 12.  Answer #5 plus 3 more questions from the Literature Circle Discussion Questions (Chapter 11) on lined notebook paper.
Chapter 11.docx
 May 17
 Bell Work: Write down 3 questions you would ask the current Receiver if you were Jonas. (In comp. book.)
In-Class:  Students met in Literature Circle Teams and discussed the review questions for Chapters 5-10 and Chapter 12.  (I skipped the review for 5-10 due to the amount of students who were absent.)  Students were given time in class to start Chapter 13.
Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 13
__________________________________ _________________
 May 18
 Bell Work: Review for tomorrow's quiz.  Take notes. 
In-Class:  Discuss Chapter 13 in Literature Circle Teams.  Start reading Chapter 14.
Homework:  Finish Chapter 14  Reminder there is a quiz tomorrow.
If Absent:  Finish Chapter 14 and complete half of the Lit. Circle questions on lined paper.  You choose the questions to answer.
Giver Chapt. 13.docx
 May 19
 Bell Work:  Review for quiz, get notes ready.
In-Class:  Quiz on Chapters 9-13:  Short answer/not multiple choice. Literature Circle with Chapter 14.
Homework:  Read Chapters 15 and 16 if not finished in class.  
If Absent:  Read Chapters 15 and 16.  Answer half of the Lit. Circle questions on lined paper.  You choose the questions to answer.
Giver Chapter 14.docx

May 22  Bell Work:  Create a T chart in your comp. book.  On one side, start a list of things you have control over in your life.  On the other side, create a list of things you do not have control over.  We will be doing a project with this list next week.
In-Class:  Discussed vocab from last week.  Students had 15 minutes to read Chapter 17 and/or work on gist statements.  Students were placed in new Literature Circle teams to discuss Chapters 15-16.
Homework:  Read Chapter 17
If Absent:  Read Chapter 17 for tomorrow.  Do half of the Lit. Circle Questions for Chapters 15 and 16 on lined paper and give to Mrs. Harvey to make-up  you missed Lit. Circle

Chapters 15-16.docx

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