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Assignments will often times be posted after each lesson, at the end of the school day.  Although I have lesson plans done each week, we are going through our new curriculum and finding their pacing calendar may not always coincide with what can get done during a class period.  Students who are absent need to check this page each day to see what was covered in class and contact the teacher for any worksheets upon their return.  Students with excused absences have 2 days to get assignments completed.  This also includes students who are out due to family vacations with prior approval. It is difficult to get work together before a long trip since much of our lessons are in-class learning and homework builds on what was done in class.

Jan. 30
 No School:  Teacher work day for report cards
 Jan. 31
 3rd Quarter Begins!
Bell Work:  Started new editing worksheet (salmon/orange)
In-Class:  Students did self-reflections on CCSS 8.1 (Effectively engage in a collaborative discussions with diverse partners about 8th grade topics, texts and issues.  Students got STAR reading scores back and set new semester goals.  Behavior expectations and homework expectations were reviewed.  Students were then given time to finish up the Control Note-Catcher we have been working on for a month.
Homework:  Finish Control Note-Catcher if not completed in class.
Bell Work Jan. 31- Feb 2(Grade 8).doc
 Feb. 1 Bell Work:  Continue with editing worksheet
In-Class:  Students were assigned a character they will write a Character Confessional Narrative about.  Students were placed in teams with same characters and created norms for group expectations.  Students were assigned 3 questions to answer about their character. 
Homework:  Finish the 3 questions from the Performance Task Prompt form on a separate sheet of paper if not completed in class.

Character Confessional Narrative Performance Task.docx

 Feb. 2 Bell Work:  Finish editing worksheet.  Turn in today.
In-Class:  Whole class editing of Bell Work.  We read and discussed a sample Character Confessional Narrative.  Students then worked in character teams to discuss the three questions and search for cited evidence using the Character Confessional Narrative Planner. (pink)
Homework:  Finish the Character Confessional Narrative Planner if not completed in class.

Character Confessional Narrative Planner.docx

Model Character Confessional Narrative.docx

 Feb. 3 Bell Work:  Review your Character Confessional Narrative Planner from yesterday.  Add/modify anything your team member may have that you don't.
In-Class:  We spent the period in the computer lab (P6) working on a rough draft of the Character Confessional Narrative. 
Homework:  If you got a good start on your rough draft and can get it done by Monday (at least 1/2 written) you don't need to take it home for homework.  I will collect the Control Note-Catcher we have been working on for over a month on Monday. (White/3 pages).  REPORT TO PORTABLE 6 MONDAY, FEB.6TH.

Basic Requirement for Getting Started On Narrative.docx

Feb 6
 No School: Inclement Weather Day
Feb. 7
Bell Work:  None today
In-Class:  Teacher collected the Control Note-catcher students completed for A Midsummer Night's Dream. Students are to finish their rough draft that was started on Friday and self-edit their narrative using the rubric given in class (orange).  If time allows, students are to buddy edit.  Make corrections to final copy.  Students were given a Checklist of what is to be turned in on Thursday.
Homework:  Finish rough draft and self-edit. 

Confessional Narrative Checklist.docx
Feb. 8
Bell Work:  New editing worksheet  (Note: Dates were changed on Bell Work)
In-Class:  Review of using transition words. Gallery Walk to build background knowledge of the Jim Crow era of U.S. history and the desegregation of schools following Brown vs. Board of Education. Students will go to the library to check out new novel A Mighty Long Way
Homework:  Start reading Chapter 1 of A Mighty Long Way. The goal is to read 14 pages tonight. Report to P6 tomorrow. (Computer Lab) If you are absent, you will need to check out a copy of the novel on your own time as soon as possible.

Bell Work Feb. 6-8.doc

 Feb. 9
Bell Work:  Continue editing worksheet
In-Class:  Make final changes to Character Confessional Narrative and turn in. Students are to turn in the following: Character Confessional Planner (pink), edited first draft (printed narrative with proof of editing and buddy editing), Final Draft with self-assessment score using rubric.
Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 1.  Write a gist on your reading log (should be sent home today; delay from copy center) and answer the 2 questions for the chapter. (neon orange)  If Character Narrative is not completed, it is due by tomorrow.

3B Chapter 1 questions.docx
 Feb. 10
Bell Work:  Finish editing blue worksheet (turn in)
In-Class:  Reviewing Chapter 1 of A Mighty Long Way. 
Homework:  Read Chapter 2, write gist statement on reading log and answer the 3 questions.

3B Chapter 2 questions.docx

Feb. 13
Bell Work: Revisit last week's editing worksheet.  Many corrections were missed.  As table teams, work together.  
In-Class:  Reviewed editing worksheet.  Discussed answers to Chapter 1.  Students found new appointment partners.  Watched a video titled, "Life in the South After the Civil War."  We discussed the vocabulary:  tenant farmer, sharecropper, carpetbagger, and scalawag. 
Homework:  Make sure you have read Chapter 2, write the gist statement on reading log and answer the 3 questions. 
 Feb. 14  Bell Work:  Review last night's homework with your table team.  (Chapter 2 Questions)
In-Class:  Discussed Chapter 2 questions.  Students also used a rubric to assess two to three Character Narratives to look for required objectives in the writing piece. They were then asked to critique their own Character Narrative using the same rubric.  Students who turned in their Character Narratives received their grade.  If any student is not happy with their grade, s/he can rewrite it for more credit.  Rewrites are due by February 21st.
Homework:  Start reading Chapter 3 (Pages 44-54)
 Feb. 15 Bell Work:  Look closely at Carlotta's paternal and maternal family trees and write down 3 observations about the trees. 
In-Class:  Reviewed discussion question expectations.  We created a Frayer Chart to break down the word "Justice."   ( Definition, Examples and Non-Examples)  The teacher re-read pages 38-43.  Then students answered and discussed two focus questions: 1.  Carlotta states that she saw Little rock as different from Mississippi; she knew how to play by the rules.  Was Little Rock really different?  Explain. 2.  Carlotta read a lot about her "she-ro" Rosa Parks in newspapers.  How did this exposure to media prepared Carlotta for taking her own stand?
Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 3.  Answer the questions and vocabulary, and gist on the reading log.  Reading Log due tomorrow.

  3B Chapter 3 questions.docx

 Feb. 16
No 5th Period today due to the movie  Screenagers
6th Period: 
Bell Work:  In table teams, discuss the answers to Chapter 3 questions.  Make any revisions or add on as needed.
In-Class:  Students are to work on a Close Reading activity.  Students are self-guided to read to certain pages of the novel and respond to 6 questions.
Homework:  Start reading Chapter 4

Close Reading Activity.docx
 Feb. 17
5th Period: 
Bell Work:  In table teams, discuss the answers to Chapter 3 questions.  Make any revisions or add on as needed.
In-Class:  Students are to work on a Close Reading activity.  Students are self-guided to read to certain pages of the novel and respond to 6 questions.
6th Period:  Catch-up period. Finish Close Reading Assignment if not finished yesterday.  Students behind on assignments can work on getting those items done.  Students who are done can work on homework to get ahead for the weekend.
Homework: (Both periods)  Read Chapter 4.  Answer the questions and vocabulary.  Write a gist statement. Finish Close Reading assignment if you did not finish in class. (Due Tuesday 2/21)
Anyone doing Character Narrative rewrites for a better grade needs to turn them in Tuesday, February 21st.   (Optional)
Planning ahead:  Chapter 5 will be due on Thur., Feb. 23, Chapter 6 will be due on Monday, Feb. 27.  I encourage you to read ahead over the long weekend.

3B Chapter 4 questions.docx

Close Reading Activity.docx

Videos watched on Feb. 21:  Please note they are Youtube and sometimes can display inappropriate comments.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xERXusiEszs  (Only watch 6 minutes into video)


Video watched on Feb. 22nd:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhk4N9A0oCA

Feb. 20   No School:  President's Day
 Feb. 21 Bell Work:  New Editing Worksheet (yellow)-due Thursday
In-Class:  We reviewed answer for Chapter 3.  We watched two short videos and discussed in class.  Students were asked to write in their composition book:  Write a summary of Elizabeth Eckert's attempt to attend school her first day.
Homework:  Read pages 82-92. 

Bell Work Feb 21-Feb 23.doc

(See links above for videos that were watched in class today.  For some reason, I cannot insert them in this grid.)
 Feb. 22  Bell Work:  Finish summary from yesterday if you didn't get it finished in class.  Continue work on the yellow editing worksheet.
In-Class:  Students reviewed the 14th Amendments and wrote a gist statement for each of the 5 sections in their composition books.  Those who utilized their time wisely finished early and were able to get started on the questions or continue reading Chapter 5.  Following the group work, there was a class discussion on the 14th amendment.  We watched a short video on "A Hero's Journey" which will lead into Thursday's lesson.  Students can click on the link above Monday's lesson to watch the short video.  (I cannot attach it inside the grid here.)
Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 5.  Answer the questions and write a gist statement.  Reading Logs will be collected Thursday.

14th Amendment.docx

3B Chapter 5 questions.docx
Feb. 23  Bell Work:  Students finished the yellow editing worksheet.
In-Class:  Students self-corrected editing worksheet and turned it in.  We reviewed "A Hero's Journey."  Students took notes in their composition book.  Students were then put in teams of two to fill out the first 4 sections of A Hero's Journey as it relates to Carlotta's life.  Students then went back to their table teams and shared what they recorded with their other person.  Students were to collaborate and decide on the first 4 steps of her journey.  Students then started a poster of Carlotta's journey and looked for text evidence to back up their choice of her journey. 
Homework:  Read pages 99-110.  Each student is responsible for citing one box of text evidence on Carlotta's Journey to share with their table team tomorrow.

A Hero's Journey Note Catcher Page 1.docx
 Feb. 24  Bell Work:  Students were given a worksheet with the song "A Change is Gonna Come."  Students were asked to read the song and write down the refrain/stanza that repeats. 
In-Class:  We listened to the song and discussed its meaning.
Students then worked in their teams to complete the Hero's Journey Note-Catcher that was started yesterday and complete  12:00-3:00 on their Hero's Journey poster for Carlotta.  The teacher read pages 88-89 aloud, then we watched the last half of the video that we started to watch on Tuesday.  (See link above.  We watched from 6min 30 sec. to the end.  (@ 3 minutes.) 
Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 6.  Answer questions for Chapter 6 and write the gist statement on reading log. 
Planning ahead:  Chapter 7 will be due March 1st and Chapter 8 will be due March 3rd.  Reading logs will be collected again on March 3rd for gist statements for Chapters 6-8.  ASSESSMENT is planned for Wednesday, March 1st.  Make sure you have read chapters 1-6.

3B Chapter 6 questions.docx

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