Encore/elective options

6th grade students must choose between 6th grade band, an all year option, or the encore rotation of Art, Choir, Foods, and Pre Engineering.  A new class starts each 9 weeks.  If students would like to begin band instead of the encore rotation, he/she must make that request by submitting a Band Request Form: 

6th grade registration form.doc
7th grade and 8th grade students must choose one year-long elective or two different classes for a semester each. 
The options are:
  - Band (all year)                   
  - Choir (all year or one semester)
  - Art (all year or one semester)                                                 
  - Pre Engineering (all year or one semester)
  - Foods (all year or one semester) 
***  If you need a copy of the elective choice form (registration form) for any grade level, please sent a request to: DNavarette@nkschools.org