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Mr. Walder will be back at PMS for the second semester of 2020-2021.  Keep up your skills by reviewing his online teaching from 2019-2020 below:

Office Hours: Tues/Thurs, 9-10am. Available for video meetings over Zoom (see Skyward email).

Join the Livestream on Youtube, every Friday at 1pm! Don't miss the Walders practicing clarinet, piano, trumpet, bass, and more! Giveaway raffles at the end of every stream! 

WATCH Mr. Walder at Band Teacher Tries Stuff:

Remote Learning Guide
NEW: Students have the choice of choosing one music project/engagement activity. This could be playing your instrument, or any of the other options listed below. Feel free to practice your instrument in addition to the project, but it's not required!

No instrument? Instrument not playable? All your reeds are broken, valves are bent, and slides won't move? Many of the options below do not require the use of your instrument.

Engagement checks: On Friday each week by 2:30pm, please submit a band log here. By clicking that link, you'll be taken to a quick survey about what you did for the week in band. It should take less than 1 minute to fill out. If it's easier for you, you may also email Mr. Walder with what you did. 


Student Composition Competition: Students are asked to compose their own music and submit a copy of their music to Mr. Walder to enter the competition. Winners from each class will be selected based on creativity, musical aesthetic, and craftsmanship. This is not required! Feel free to compose a song and send it in if you want. 

Students may print out blank staff paper and write by hand (click here for blank staff paper). Students may compose using a computer as well – I recommend MuseScorewhich is free, but there are many platforms for composing (Sibelius, Finale, etc.). Many composition apps will playback what you have written, which makes the composition process much easier.


  1. Compositions must include a title, tempo marking, time signature, dynamics, and other required musical markings.

  1. Music may be written for any combination of instruments, from a solo up to a full band.

  1. Songs must be original, cannot be an arrangement or copy of an existing song.

  1. Compositions must be submitted digitally or by drop-off at the school by Friday, May 29

eck back here each Monday for the week's learning plan.
May 11 - May 15
All grades: choose an option from the list below to complete for the week. Don't forget to submit your band log with any attached work on Friday



Practice your instrument: Practice your instrument for 20 minutes per day. Use SmartMusic to practice from the Essential Elements book or find new music to playalong with. Don't forget to warm-up and practice long tones and scales!Weekly Work Options. Please select one option from the list below:


Propose a choral/instrumental program/concert:  Create a choral/instrumental program of your own for the class that you are in.  Decide how to structure your program and pick pieces that fit your vision/theme.  Explore music publishing or distribution websites for ideas. Include at least 3-5 choral/instrumental pieces (10-15 min of music).  Create a slideshow with a slide for each piece that explains why you have chosen that piece and a link to a recording of it.  Have one additional slide that explains your vision.

Listening reflection: Listen to an hour’s worth of music from one artist on the recommended listening list.  Provide youtube links to the videos that you watched as well as completing a listening reflection sheet for your experiences.  If you can’t find something on youtube or have trouble listening due to the tech filters on your device, email one of your teachers to have this approved for you.  Complete the google form And answer the four questions. 

Do a comparative analysis:  Find two recordings of the same piece by two different artists (you could use one of our pieces we are preparing or a song recorded by two different artists).  Analyze how they are similar and how they are different and why you prefer one over the other. Write up an analysis (at least two hundred words). This should be 2-3 paragraphs.

Explore music careers:  Consider all of the ways that you consume music now that you are social distancing.  Explore and pick a music career that is responsible for bringing music into your home (e.g. sound engineer, commercial artist, film composer, jingle writer, youtube artist).  Write up a short summary of what this person does, what type of schooling would be helpful for this career, skills necessary for this job, and your thoughts on that profession. This should be 2-5 paragraphs

Create a Meme Create a music themed meme and share/attach it when turning in your assignment.

Playlist: Curate a playlist for my listening pleasure.  This could be any genre, any music, any theme (school appropriate).  The playlist should be at least an hour long and include at least 10 different tracks.  Write 1-2 paragraphs outlining why you selected the songs you selected and help me understand why this is the coolest playlist on the planet. Share your playlist through Spotify or another music player if you'd like.


Create a piece of art:   paint a picture of how music makes you feel.    While listening to music, paint a picture of how that music makes you feel.  You can use pencil and paper, your computer, or any other art supplies you might have.   Then, include an explanation of the piece you create as well as a playlist of what music you were listening to.

Write how much has affected your life: Write a paragraph on how music has affected you. Include a specific song that relates to this

Ted Talks

Watch one of the following ted talks. Write 2-3 paragraphs describing what the video was, how music is featured in it, how this applies to your musicianship, and any other thoughts you may have had. And answer the four questions.

Expand your music clique:  Change your mind by changing your music

Craig Hella Johnson

The Polyphonic Me

The Transformative Power  of Classical Music

A Virtual Choir by Eric Whitacre

The music of a war child

The Orchestra in my mouth

A musical escape into a world of light and color


SmartMusic Free Access:

Access the SmartMusic software with our new subscription. If able, all band students are expected to create an account. Explore the extensive free library of music that you can play along with, and get live feedback from the software. CLICK HERE to go to SmartMusic and create a student account to join using one of the codes below:
Beginning Band: 7W7WQ-CLLAX
Concert Band: QLMYH-GHXXK
Percussion Ensemble: PCWAN-K6E7J
Symphonic Band: P6UPN-D3DCE
Jazz Band WQ7PN-2M43U

Below are some general recommendations and ideas to keep you playing your instrument and/or participating in music:

  • Clean and/or sanitize your instrument. 

How to clean a trumpet
How to clean a trombone
How to clean a flute
How to clean a clarinet/saxophone mouthpiece

Other Resources: