Whalen, Kenton

Welcome to my website!  
Everything you need this year can be found on your class Teams page.  If you are having a difficult time getting there, please contact me so I can help!

 A little about me. I received my Psychology degree in 1998 from San Diego State University and then went on to work with youth in different capacities. In 2004, I completed my K-8 certification at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and taught three years at Swansboro Middle School in North Carolina. I then taught at John F. Kennedy Middle School and Smithfield Middle School located in Virginia for a total of seven years. This will be my 5th year teaching at Poulsbo and I absolutely love it here.

I am happily married for 24 years and I have two sons. One at Kingston Middle School and one attends the USMA. My hobbies include hiking, biking, backpacking, reading, and being active with my family. I also love animals and everything nature.

I believe that fostering a positive, supportive, and caring relationship with every student is the foundation for developing mathematical minds. I believe all students can develop a better appreciation for math and it doesn't always come easy. Mastering concepts takes reflection, edits, and making mistakes because real learning comes from those mistakes and understanding what was done wrong. Developing a growth mindset requires perseverance, making corrections, asking questions, and using other resources to deepen one's understanding of math concepts. I look forward to guiding your child in this process and only ask that they come to class with a willingness to give their best and practice the concepts outside of class to help push them to a level of excellence and mastery. I also hope to instill the appreciation of mathematics in your child by connecting the classroom to everyday examples and highlighting that MATH IS EVERYWHERE. Let the Journey Begin!!!

Hiking in the Olympics