Sending documents to Mr. Braun

Download and install the free program Cutepdf Writer . This program will convert any document to a .pdf file. It will install as a printer, although it only “prints” your document as a .pdf to a location that you choose. You might want to do this because all computers can read .pdf files created by any other brand of computer.

When you are ready to convert your document to a .pdf, select “Print” as you would if you wanted to print your document.

Select “CutepdfWriter” as the printer.

Hit “Print”again and a dialog box will open and ask what you want to name your file and where you want to save it.

Give your document a name and a location in which to save it.

Hit “Save”

Open a new emailand attach the document you just saved.

Add in the addressline.

Add a description of your email in the subject line and write a message in the email.