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State Photo 2019
Girls Swim = 4th Place at State 2019

Bri Hoffman = 2x State Champion in 200 free!

Boys Swim:

First Day of practice = Monday, 11/18/2019, 3:00-5:00 at the pool. Normal practice times are 3:00 - 5:00 M-F unless otherwise notified. Please plan to arrive by 2:45, suited up and ready to practice. 

Wednesday meetings in room C-3 at Poulsbo Middle School. These meetings will be used to watch video, create lineups for Thursday meets, learn physics of swimming, mental preparation, etc.

Boys' Meet Schedule 2019-20 corrected Dec. 08

Parent Swim Meeting is Thursday, Nov. 21 at 6:00 at Room C-3 at Poulsbo Middle School. Please enter through Braun's side door next to the bus loop. Look for the sign. Computers available for use to purchase team suit, etc.- Agenda

Team Suit Order : The order website is now open, as of Thursday, 11/14/2019. Please click on the link for the online suit order instructions. You can ask Coach Norene what suit size you should order. It is important for you to order the correct size. Either of the two suits on the order site may be used as the team suit for competition. Please note that the order closes at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21stYou may notice a $2 discrepancy between our cost and the team discount price. This is to expedite shipping so we are more likely to get the suits prior to the first meet. 

While there are a number of items on the Team Suit Order website, you are expected to wear the team suit during competition during the dual meet season. Athletes may wear tech suits during the post season. I will be ordering team caps (Gold silicone with Purple NK and all team members will receive one - more later). Please be sure to leave the box checked that has your order shipped to me as the team representative. I will receive a box with everyone's individual order packaged for distribution to you. This is the fastest way to get your suit. The other items on the Team order website are optional, but are discounted and convenient. You may want to order several cheap latex caps for practice.

We have ordered new uniform parkas! While the team has purchased a set number of parkas, athletes will have the option to purchase one of their own, customized with their name. More information to follow.

Registration Process: Please register on the NKHS Athletic webpage ASAP. This registration will give me more information and is updated in real-time.

Baseline concussion testing must now be scheduled with the Athletic Office or with Mrs. Leslie in the training room. You need this every other year. Check with Julie Leslie, jleslie@nkschools.org, if you aren't sure if yours is still valid.

Please note! You may not practice without a valid concussion test on file, or the NEW SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST FORM. You must read the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Brochure and sign the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form electronically while filling out the Online Sports Registration.

 Eligibility for first meet: To be eligible for your first competition, WIAA rules require you to have completed ten (10) practice days before the first day of competition. Within your initial 10 practices you can miss no more than 3 days in a row. If you miss four or more days in a row, days start to be deducted per WIAA rules

Additional Eligibility Rules:

  • You must be academically eligibile. Follwoing a Grade Pull, you will have until Friday to turn in a Plan of Action if you have a "D" or the parent Letter for an "F". You will become inelligible on Saturday without doing this. Let us know if you are having difficulty and we can find someone to help you in different subject

  • You must be at practice the day before a meet in order to compete in that meet and you may have no unexcused practices between meets.
  • Practices may be excused for the following reasons:
    • School related activity -- Field Trip, Performance, Working on a project under supervision
  • You feel sick - contact Braun before practice and bring a parent note the following day.
  • You have a doctor/dentist/orthodontist/PT/Chiropractic appointment - bring a note releasing you to swim and the specific date on which you can return.
  • Family Emergency - bring a parent note when you return. Let us know how we can help you.
  • If you are tardy to practice -- bring a note from the training room or the teacher you were working with. It must include the time at which you left.

-Lettering Requirements - They are a combination of practice attendance and varsity events, with extra points earned for PR's, District times, State Times, School Records, Meet Records and State Records, All American Consideration and All American Automatic times.


Team Photo: Olympic Photo Group will take our team photo at 3:00 on  Wednesday, Dec. 11th. You can find a link to a printable photo packet or you can pre-pay using the link.


Get PSYCHED for the post-Season! Follow the link to a document (TBA) that will show qualifying times for every level of competition and what it would take to make the Consolation Final, Finals and First Place! Meet and State Records are included, as are All American Qualifying times. Choose your level of success and plan accordingly.

District Meet Timeline for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 14th and 15th.

Download the Original Race Pace Worksheet.xlsx  and calculate your race pace times for various events. Follow the directions for entering your times, print the sheet, put it in a plastic ziploc baggie and bring it to practice.

- Daily Practice Goals 


-Important Websites:

This is the Olympic League website.

This is the West Central District III webpage. NKHS is 2A.

This is the STATE Swimming website and includes time standards and "Bound for State" Regulations

Results Boys Swim 2019-20
NK v PA 12102019
NK v Brem 12122019
  Bremerton Relay splits and JV 
NK v Oly 12192019 Splits
NK v Klahowya 01092020 Splits
Swimvitational Splits 01182020
NK v Bainbridge Splits 01232020
NK v Sequim Splits 01282020
NK v KHS Splits 01302020
Olympic League Divisional Meet results

Results Girls Swim 2019
NK v PA 09102019
NK v Bremerton 09122019
NK v Olympic 09192019
NK v Klahowya 09262019
NK v Sequim SPLITS 10032019
NK V Sequim Results 10032019
NK v PtTownsend10102019
NK v KHS 10172019
Divisional Results
District Results - Girls 2019

Results Boys Swim 2018-19:
NK v Sequim SPLITS
NK at Swimvatational Results 2019
NK v Klahowya Results
NK v Klahowya SPLITS
NK v Kingston SPLITS
Divisional Results
State view

Results Girls Swim 2018:
NK v Brem
NK v Olympic
NK v Klahowya

NK v Sequim

Divisional Meet
2018 Girls District Prelim results
District Meet Results
2A State Results

Winter workouts: