About Me

Mr. Braun's selfie at the bottom of the Saudan Couloir, Whistler, BC
Wow! Twenty-nine years at Poulsbo Middle School. I have been teaching at Poulsbo Middle School since 1989. In fact, I'm just starting to get grandchildren of former students. Yikes! It sure seems like a long time, yet it's gone by so fast. I have been teaching Science for most of that time, but I have also taught math, art and PE. Science is my favorite subject, however, and I am very excited to share that passion with you.
After school I coach the NKHS Girls Swim Team in the fall and the Boys Swim Team in the winter. I have been coaching swimming for the past twenty-eight years. Since we placed second at last year's State Championship, we are looking to win it all this year! Go Vikes! Swimming is a terrific sport and it has great application to your academics, as well as, life in general.  I invite everyone who likes to swim to join the swim team. You will make great friends and create lasting memories!
On weekends I like to ski and teach skiing. That's me at the bottom of the Couloir Extreme on Blackcomb Mountain in Canada. I have been teaching skiing for the past thirty-four years and hope to see some of you on the slopes. I am especially enjoying skiing with my wife, my daughter and my son. 
I love to travel and have been to Thailand, Nepal, Europe and Mexico.This summer, our family traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii to witness and photograph the lava flow in addition to hiking snorkling, etc. Flying over fissure eight in a helicopter with no doors was and exciting adventure !I can't wait to share my photos with you.
At any rate, I am really looking forward to a great year of learning about Science. Since we will be learning about catastrophic events and what causes them, you can get a head start by checking the news for things going on around the world, like the big earthquakes, or large storm systems forming in tropical waters, volcanic action in Hawaii and other locations around the world.  Why are they happening where they are? We'll find out.

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