Fraser, Chris

Hello My Name Is...

Chris Fraser

Sylvan & Ms. Fraser at graduationI have a Bachelor's in Mathematics and a Master's in Teaching from UW.  My first teaching job was 7th grade math at Poulsbo Junior High in 2002.  In 2010, I left the classroom to become NKEA President to advocate for public education funding and to "Keep Cuts Away From Kids!"  In 2016, I was finally able to return to my original passion of working with students.  :)
I am the very proud mother of an amazing NK, Reed, and Berkeley Law graduate who works for a non-profit organization!!

I have two major goals as an 8th grade math teacher:
1) Help each of my students become competent and confident mathematicians. 
2) Create a supportive and caring environment where every student has space to discover and highlight the unique and special gifts they have as individuals.

We will work hard in our math classes.  Competence is developed through practice of math skills and concepts that create a solid foundation for high school math (and beyond).  Learning new things can be uncomfortable at times and that is okay-- disequilibrium is a sign of new learning and I am here to help.  :)

My sincere hope is that students gain confidence in their ability to learn new things.  This confidence is what gets us through the uncomfortable early stages of mastering new concepts.  Confidence is also a key support as our kids continue their journey of discovering their unique gifts and exploring what their future may hold.

To ensure success in both academics and this life journey, a solid partnership between the student, the family and myself is very important.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time-- my contact information is below.  I am very willing to provide help by appointment.  Thank you for trusting me with the gift that is your child!

:)  Chris