Beginning Band

4th period: Woodwinds
5th period: Brass and Percussion

Required Materials: 
  • Essential Elements Book 1 (yellow cover)
  • Notebook paper/pencil
  • Planner
  • Music/accessories (reeds, mouthpieces, oil, etc.)
  • Performance attire: white from the waist up, black from the waist down.
  • At-home materials: music stand, tuner/metronome, quiet place to practice.

Concert dates:

In band, a student's homework is to practice their instrument. Set a consistent, daily scheule for practice at home.
Grades are weighted as follows:
25%: Playing assessments. There will two formal playing assessments per quarter, to be recorded at home and submitted through Edmodo. There may be informal assessments done in class as needed.
25%: Performance attendance. Attendance at the evening concerts is mandatory, unless a pre-arranged absence has been discussed or there is a family or medical emergency the day of the concert.
25%: Practice records: 6th grade students are required to practice a minimum of 60 minutes per week.
25%: Participation in class. ‚ÄčStudents receive points in class for participation, following the ROAR principles.