Panther Knit and Stitch Circle

Panther Knit and Stitch Circle

Panther Knit and Stitch is free.  However, it is highly recommended for students to purchase their ASB card since this activity is supported by ASB funds.

Panther Knit and Stitch is held in D-3, every Tuesday, from 2:30-4:00 pm, mid October through the end of May.
Meetings are led by Mrs. Marks, Mrs. Teising, and parent volunteer, Mrs. Wuench. Both boys and girls, in all three grades, who are looking for a fun activity to do while hanging out with friends are encouraged to attend.

Supplies are available to help students get started knitting items like washcloths, scarves, and fingerless gloves. Students may use the materials, or bring their own so they can continue knitting at home. Size 7 US knitting needles are recommended and a worsted weight yarn. Although the advisors primarily knit, students who know how to do other hand stitching crafts are welcome to participate.

Parents are welcome, especially those who are interested in sharing their stitching skills with the students.

Any questions please contact Mrs. Marks.  

Knit and Stitch Permission