What You Will Need for Choir

· A PENCIL will be used in class each day. It is required at all times.

· A DRY ERASE PEN & SOCK will be used in class. The director will provide the dry erase boards for each student.

· A SPIRAL NOTEBOOK of PAPER will be used in class. The 70-page book is perfect.

6th Grade Exploratory

Students are still responsible to bring a spiral notebook, pencil, and dry erase marker with them to class each day. Students will be assigned folders. The folder can house all their daily materials and stored in the choir room. Please write your first and last name on both, especially the marker.

7th/8th Grade Choirs

Students will be assigned a folder of music for the semester from the music library. Students will be charged for music not returned to the music library at the end of each grading period. Charges for missing or damaged sheets of music range from $1.50 to $4.95 per piece of music.

Sheet Music

· Students will be assigned a folder and music from the music library for use during the class period. Folders may be checked out for practice at home and returned the following day. Students will be charged a replacement fee for damaged or lost music.

Pencil & Dry Erase Marker & Sock

· A pencil and dry erase pen are to be stored in the sock in the folder for access in rehearsal. The tools are a daily part of the grade. Some students utilize Velcro in the folder to keep the tools firmly in place all year long. Director will give an example in class.


A choir that looks shabby often sounds shabby. Likewise, a choir that is professional in its dress generally sounds professional as well. Therefore, ALL students should begin assembling pieces for their “uniform dress”. Please follow school dress code. Students not in uniform will NOT be allowed to perform and grade will be affected. If there is difficulty getting the uniform together, please call PMS, Julie Gallant, 360-396-3272, so I may assist you. Conversely, if you have pieces that you are willing to share or donate we would appreciate that as well!


· Arrive on time (40 minutes before the concert in the choir room)
· Dress appropriately
· 6th Grade – Black pant/skirt, white top and dark shoes.
· 7th / 8th Grade – Black pant/skirt, white top and/or uniform shirt, and dark shoes.
· Refer to PMS school dress code for skirt length. No sleeveless tops or midriffs.
· Give attention to personal grooming. If you feel good about your appearance, you will be free to focus on the music.
· Cooperate with Director and others in charge (student leaders, chaperones, etc.).
· Represent Poulsbo Middle with honesty, maturity and respect.
In addition to the formal uniform, students in the 7th & 8th grade ensembles will purchase a Music Department sweatshirt to wear as their "casual" uniform. You do not need to purchase one if you purchased one last year. Further information and order form will be sent home at a later date. Students will have ample opportunity to try-on sample sweatshirts in order to check sizing. Again, if there is a problem getting the sweatshirt, let your director know so we may assist you.
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