Citizenship & Grading

Membership in any musical group at PMS, you are making a commitment. This commitment is to yourself and your classmates, as well as your director. The most important aspect of this commitment concerns your daily participation; effort and attitude.

Many of the things that we learn in choir class must take place first on an individual level but requires a group setting to make happen as a TEAM. It is important that you are present, involved, helpful and cooperative to allow the group to be the very best it can be.

The best way for you to reflect that you understand this commitment is to show it by your ACTIONS during each and every music event/rehearsal. Supportive of others, being punctual, showing self-motivation, being prepared for class with appropriate materials and by making choices that do not interfere with the learning, safety and well-being of others are examples of acting out your commitment.


Absent from rehearsal?

Students may earn their missed daily points by practicing 15 minutes outside of class time for each rehearsal missed. Clearly written or typed description of what was practiced and self-evaluation of how it worked (or didn't) is due by the end of the grading period. Your director will not ask for these make-up assignments. It is the student's responsibility to turn them in.

Attendance and Participation

Choir classes are performance-based. We go to great lengths to inform you of upcoming performances. Participation in these events is comparable to major tests, term papers, or presentations in other classes. Dates are scheduled in advance and a calendar of events is issued to each student at the beginning of each semester in duplicate. It is updated frequently and a calendar is posted in the classroom. It is the responsibility of each student to check the calendar on a regular basis.

In order for a student to receive the maximum points for a performance, he/she must remain until the event is entirely over. Often there is only one major concert per grading period. The only excuses for a missed performance are illness, family emergency, a pre-excused absence through the school office, or another school related activity. The director must be notified in advance for the absence to be excused, except in an emergency situation, Mrs. Gallant, 360-396-3272.

Since performances comprise forty percent of a student's grade, it is essential that a student with an excused absence earn concert points through another means in order to receive a passing grade. In this case, the student should confer with the director to determine a suitable project and timeline for completion. It is the student's responsibility to make this happen.

If transportation is an issue, start setting up carpools NOW for the confirmed dates. If you need assistance we will help, call or email your director.

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