Calendar of Choir Events

2015 - 2016

DATE                        EVENT/CONCERT                                               TIME

September               21            Bel Canto Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                     2:35-4:45pm

                22            Arioso Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                          1:35-3:45pm 

                24            Chorale Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                        2:35-4:45pm

                28            Tenor & Bass Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                               2:35-4:45pm

October                        19            Performance Rehearsal day                                                                    (during class)

                20            Fall Preview Choir Assembly (6th, 7th and 8th)                                       (during school)

                                20            Fall Preview Choir Concert (6th, 7th and 8th)                                           7:00 pm

November                 3           6th Grade Community Performance Field Trip                                        (during school) 

                                  3            Bel Canto & Arioso Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                     2:35-3:30pm

                  9            7/8th Grade Choirs & 8th Grade Band Rehearsal                                    2:30-3:00pm          

                10            Veteran’s Day Assembly (7th and 8th)                                                    (during school)

December                 9            Performance Rehearsal day                                                                    (during class)

                10            Winter Choir Assembly (6th, 7th and 8th)                                                 (during school)

                                10            Winter Choir Concert (6th, 7th and 8th)                                                    7:00 pm

                                15            Bel Canto and Arioso  "Winter Wish" Community Field Trip                 (during school)

                                16            Chorale and Tenor & Bass "Winter Wish" Community Field Trip         (during school)

January                    23          “GUYS GOT 2 SING” Men’s Workshop (7th and 8th Men)                    All Day

                                                (Everett Civic Auditorium, Everett, WA) 
                             11           Bel Canto & Arioso Retreat (PMS Choir room)                           2:35-3:45pm 
                             15            Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assemblies (7th and 8th )                                (during school)

                30            OMEA Regional MS/JH Honor Choir & Band (Bainbridge Is HS)        8am--7pm

February                   2             Bel Canto Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                      2:35-4:45pm

                 8             Arioso Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                            2:35-4:45pm

                 9             Tenor & Bass Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                2:35-4:45pm

March                      11            7th & 8th Choirs Community Field Trip (Location TBA)                         (during school)

                                16            Performance Rehearsal day                                                                     (during class)

                17            Spring Choir Concert (6th, 7th and 8th)                                                     7:00 pm 

                                17            Spring Choir Assembly (6th, 7th and 8th)                                                  (during school)                                                        

                             22            OMEA Regional MS/JH Choral Contest (7th and 8th)                              All Day

April                        15            Elementary Concert Tour (7th and 8th)                                                     Half Day

                             14            Bel Canto Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                      2:35-4:45pm

                16            Arioso Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                            2:35-4:45pm

                17            Tenor & Bass Retreat (PMS Choir room)                                                 2:35-4:45pm

                                30            MS/JH Regional Vocal Solo & Ensemble Festival                                Individual performance time

May                         19            Annual Choir Tour (8theligibility requirement)                                    All Day

                                26            Tenor & Bass and NKHS Men's Choir (Seattle)                                      All Day

June                           8            Performance Rehearsal day                                                                     (during class)

                  9            Final Choir Assembly (6th, 7th and 8th)                                                     (during school)        

                                  9            Final Choir Concert (6th, 7th and 8th)                                                         7:00 pm

                                15            End-of-the-Year Choir Celebration Picnic (Raab Park)                            3:00-5:00pm 

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